Superior Shelter Warranty

Superior Recreational Products (SRP) provides a 10-year pro-rated limited warranty from the shipping date with the following limitations. SRP limits its warranty to the supply of materials that will assemble according to sealed engineered drawings and installation instructions and can be assembled with normal expertise and with tools required and found in the construction trades. It is expressly understood that SRP’s liability be limited to the repair or replacement of nonconforming material at the time of delivery. 

SRP does not warrant the product for defects caused by installation, harsh site conditions, lack of maintenance, and/or other conditions beyond SRP’s control. SRP will not be held responsible for any materials that were not properly stored prior to installation. SRP reserves the right to void the limited warranty if it not installed per the installation instructions and/or unauthorized modifications. 

SRP shall not be held liable for field alterations. SRP shall only be liable for meeting the building code indicated on the sealed engineered drawings. 

Any replacement part under warranty is warranted for the remaining original warranty period or six (6) months, whichever is longer. 

This Limited Warranty supersedes all other warranties expressed or implied. The warranty on items not manufactured by SRP (i.e. metal roofing, shingles, wood shelters), will be as passed through SRP’s supplier as per their warranty; contact Customer Service for this Supplier Warranty. 

This Limited Warranty is conditional upon payment in full to SRP within terms. Liability under this Warranty is limited in that it shall not exceed the original sales price of the components as supplied by SRP.

Powder Coat Warranty

This limited warranty is for the factory-applied Superdurable powder coating. This 10-year pro-rated limited warranty is intended to define the obligations and limitations of the purchaser as well as the obligations and limitations of the supplier. This limited warranty is only valid if SRP has been paid in full for the cost of the shelter. 

Damage occurring from shipping, installation, vandalism, accidents, or field modifications will require field touch-up immediately and periodically thereafter, which is not covered in this limited warranty. 

Exposed nuts and bolts will either be supplied with a light plating or powder coating. It is the responsibility of the contractor to paint and/or touch up the nuts and bolts after installation and these must be maintained by the customer. 

The 10-year limited warranty will exclude structures installed at sites where salt air, corrosive environment, high humidity, or sprinkler systems come in contact with the shelter. 

Failure to maintain the finished system with annual touch-ups and documented maintenance procedures will void the limited warranty. 

Not covered by this limited warranty are acute angles, endplates, and other accessories that are prone to minor defects on occasion and will require touch-up by the owner. 

Failure of the coating will be defined when at least 8% of the total coated surface has a significant loss of performance or appearance characteristics when compared to the original finish. Rust stains from roof trim, screws, and screw holes do not constitute a failure. 

If a claim is made for paint failure a complete document must be provided by the owner. If a site visit is required by SRP the travel expenses will be covered by the customer prior to travel taking place. However, should the failure be determined to be under the limited warranty the customer will be reimbursed for these expenses. In the case of a failed paint system, SRP will repaint the structure with its best in-house system providing that the owner dismantles the structure and returns it to SRP. SRP will refinish the structure and ship it back to the job site at their expense. The refinishing will not extend the original warranty of the paint system. The owner is responsible for installing the building at their expense. As an alternative, SRP will pay the customer up to the cost of the original paint system on a pro-rated basis for the time left of the 10-year limited warranty.

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