Housing Community Shelter Projects

We offer versatile structures for all your community’s shelter needs. Choose from a variety of styles for nearly every application. Create picnic pavilions, lakeside gazebos, and more. Our shelters can protect outdoor community mailboxes, transit seating, and more.

5 Ways You Can Use a Shelter in Your Apartment or Subdivision Community

  1. Community Gathering Space: A housing community can utilize a steel shelter as a central gathering space for residents. This shelter can serve as a place for community events, social gatherings, or simply as a shaded area for neighbors to come together, chat, and build a sense of community. It can be equipped with seating, picnic tables, or even outdoor amenities like grills or fire pits to encourage interaction and create a welcoming environment.

  2. Children's Play Area: A steel shelter can be incorporated into a designated children's play area within the housing community. It can provide shade and protection from the sun to parents and caregivers while children engage in outdoor activities and play.

  3. Fitness and Recreation Center: A steel shelter can be transformed into a fitness and recreation center within the housing community. It can house exercise equipment, such as outdoor fitness stations, providing residents with opportunities for physical activity and wellness. This sheltered space can be utilized for individual workouts, group exercise classes, or even yoga sessions, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle among community members.

  4. Bike Storage and Maintenance Area: Steel shelters can be designed as bike storage and maintenance areas within the housing community. Residents can securely park and store their bicycles under the shelter, protecting them from theft or weather-related damage. Additionally, the shelter can be equipped with tools and amenities like bike racks, repair stations, or air pumps, facilitating bike maintenance and encouraging sustainable transportation options.

  5. Outdoor Dining and Recreation: A steel shelter can be utilized as an outdoor dining and recreation area within the housing community. It can be furnished with tables, chairs, and even a barbeque area, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor meals, host gatherings, or engage in recreational activities like card games or board games. This versatile sheltered space offers residents a convenient and enjoyable outdoor extension of their homes, fostering social connections and community engagement.

Increasing Revenue with Outdoor Pavilions at Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes can increase revenue by incorporating outdoor pavilions on their property. These pavilions can serve as additional amenities that attract potential tenants and add value to the living experience. By providing outdoor gathering spaces with seating, shade, and possibly even grilling areas or fire pits, apartment complexes can offer residents an appealing space to socialize, relax, and host events. This enhanced communal area can be marketed as a desirable feature, potentially commanding higher rental rates and increasing occupancy rates. Additionally, the outdoor pavilions can be rented out to residents for private parties or events, generating additional revenue for the apartment complex. By investing in outdoor pavilions, apartment complexes can create a more engaging and profitable living environment for their residents.

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