Pool & Aquatic Shelter Projects

Add comfort and sun protection to your outdoor pool, water park, or aquatic center with a structure from Superior Shelter. We carry a wide variety of shelter styles for nearly every application. Create pool-side pavilions, welcome area kiosks, and more. Our structures meet local building codes and are available in a wide variety of colors and design options.

Six Ways to Use a Steel Shelter at Your Facility

  1. Shade and Rest Areas: A steel shelter can be installed near the pool or waterpark to provide shaded areas where visitors can rest, relax, and seek shelter from the sun. These shelters can have benches or seating arrangements, allowing individuals to take a break, socialize, or enjoy refreshments without direct exposure to the sun's rays.
  2. Changing Rooms and Locker Areas: Steel shelters, like our Privacy Shelter, can be used to cover changing rooms and locker areas, providing visitors with a secure and private space to change into their swimwear or store their belongings.
  3. Concession Stands: You can Incorporate a steel shelter to cover a concession stand or poolside bar. Visitors can conveniently purchase and enjoy food and beverages without leaving the pool or waterpark vicinity.
  4. First Aid Station: Safety is crucial in a pool or waterpark environment. A steel shelter can be designated as a first aid station, equipped with essential medical supplies and staffed with trained personnel. This shelter can provide a central location for attending to minor injuries, providing immediate assistance, and coordinating emergency responses if needed.
  5. Event and Party Space: Steel shelters can be used as versatile event spaces within the pool or waterpark complex. These shelters can be reserved for birthday parties, corporate events, or other private gatherings. They can be equipped with tables, chairs, and audiovisual systems to accommodate various types of events. Hosting events within the park can attract additional revenue and provide a unique experience for visitors.
  6. Cabanas: Steel shelters can be turned into rentable cabanas at your waterpark. With our ability to add electrical access ports, you can add fans and televisions to your shelter. What's more, top the cabana off with our perforated privacy screens or curtains (provided by you!) for additional privacy.

Create Shaded Spaces Poolside and at Waterparks

Whether your plans call for a huge picnic pavilion that can host events or all-steel cabanas that can be rented for additional revenue, Superior Shelter has you covered. Here are some of the benefits associated with Superior Shelter products:

  • A wide range of options
  • Durable construction with quality materials
  • Aesthetically enjoyable designs
  • Produced at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • Your choice of colors
  • A blend of classic construction and modern design

Find Your Expert in Shelter

When you need an expert in shelter, you can depend on our designers, engineers, and skilled craftsman to bring your shelter vision to life.