School and Child Care Shelter Projects

Whether you represent a preschool, an elementary school, a high school, or a college, we have a shelter structure that will fit your need and space. From a large shelter that protects bleachers to a walkway shelter that protects outdoor breezeways, our commercial-grade shelters block both the rain and the sun’s rays. We have a variety of steel shade structures you can add to your school grounds to make the outdoor space more functional.

Three Ways to Use a Shelter on Your Campus

  1. Outdoor Classroom: A school can utilize a steel shelter as an outdoor classroom. This sheltered space provides an alternative learning environment where students can engage in lessons, discussions, and activities while being protected from the weather elements. It allows teachers to take their classes outside, providing a refreshing change of scenery and fostering a connection with nature.

  2. Covered Play Area: A steel shelter can be used as a covered play area for students during recess or physical education classes. This shelter provides a designated space where students can engage in physical activities, play games, or socialize, even during inclement weather. It offers protection from rain, intense sunlight, or extreme temperatures, ensuring the safety and comfort of students while they enjoy their outdoor break times. The shelter can be equipped with play equipment like basketball hoops, benches, or game markings to encourage active play and provide a versatile space for recreational activities.

  3. Bus Rider and Car Rider Waiting Area: A school can designate a steel shelter as a bus stop and car rider line waiting area for students and teachers. This shelter provides a safe and convenient space for students to wait for their school buses before and after school. It offers protection from rain, snow, or extreme weather conditions, ensuring that students stay dry and comfortable while waiting. The shelter can be equipped with seating, signage, and adequate lighting to enhance visibility and promote a well-organized and secure transportation process.

Creating Versatile School Shelters

When your school grounds have useful structures, teachers will have the flexibility to utilize outdoor classrooms and bring their students outside for classes. The shelters will come in handy for lunchtime, recess, and after-school activities. They provide versatile spaces that give your school options.

When your school holds an event, whether it’s a fundraiser, a graduation ceremony, or a student club function, an outdoor pavilion will be put to good use. Our commercial-grade gazebos could even be used for school dances and photo opportunities.

You get to choose everything about your shelter structure, such as the size, roof color, and special features — including handrails and holes for electrical outlets. Just let us know what you’re looking for or what you hope to do with your space, and we can transform your vision into a reality.

Find Your Expert in Shelter

When you need an expert in shelter, you can depend on our designers, engineers, and skilled craftsman to bring your shelter vision to life.