Transportation Shelter Projects

Creating sheltered transportation areas for city bus stops, school car and bus rider areas, and university transportation is essential for providing comfort and protection to commuters and students. By installing shelters equipped with seating and overhead coverings, individuals waiting for buses can find respite from inclement weather conditions such as rain, snow, or intense sunlight. Our shelter styles can help you provide covered areas for your commuters.


Popular Products

Wondering what products work best in a transportation setting? Take a look at our most popular.

The Cantilevered Monoslope Shelter is great for commercial bus lines and offers plenty of space for people and benches.

Our Mini Shelter is perfect for a single multi-sided bench and offers plenty of protection from rain.

The Privacy Shelter adds maximum coverage with its added privacy screens. What's more, the metal privacy screens add an additional level of safety and security.

privacy shelter
Domingo Baca Park-NM-All Steel Dual Post Structure-03-Web


Bus Stop Shelters

Make public transportation a priority by installing shelters equipped with seating, overhead coverings, and amenities like lighting and benches.

Cities and other places with public transportation like universities can provide passengers with a more pleasant waiting experience. Shelters offer protection from rain, snow, and heat. Request a quote today.



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