Timberglen Park

Jun. 28, 2023 | Hospitality Timberglen Park

Dallas, Texas

In 2003, the Dallas Park and Recreation Department created Timberglen Park, a haven for nature and fitness enthusiasts. The park is also home to the Timberglen Recreation Center, which is the 45th recreation center in the Dallas Park and Recreation inventory. With its lush greenery and scenic trails, the park offers a peaceful escape from city life.

Timberglen Park stands out for its forward-thinking approach to modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi access indoors and outdoors. This allows visitors to enjoy nature while staying connected and productive.

To further enhance the park's appeal and ensure the comfort of its guests, Timberglen Park recently added an all-steel shelter and several shade canopies to its popular splash pad. This addition, known as the Hip End Shelter pavilion, provides a convenient and inviting space for picnicking and relaxation. In the scorching Texas heat, it was imperative to provide park-goers with shaded resting areas where they could seek respite from the sun's relentless rays. The Hip End Shelter, with its versatile rectangular shape, blends seamlessly with the park's aesthetic and offers a practical solution for those in need of shade.

Moreover, the Hip End Shelter can be customized with various upgrades, allowing for a personalized experience. Whether it's the addition of comfortable seating, decorative lighting, or even misting systems to combat the summer heat, the shelter can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the park's visitors. Timberglen Park takes pride in continuously seeking ways to improve the overall park experience, and the addition of the Hip End Shelter is a testament to this commitment.

Timberglen Park exemplifies the Dallas Park and Recreation Department's commitment to enhancing lives and fostering community. With its stunning beauty, modern amenities, and dedication to comfort and convenience, this park has become a beloved destination for individuals and families alike. Whether you seek tranquility, exercise, or a productive work session in nature, Timberglen Park has it all. Embrace the serenity of this exceptional park while checking off your to-do list. Experience the perfect blend of productivity and nature at Timberglen Park.

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