Potomac Green Park

Potomac Green Park

Potomac Green Park, a stunning 28-acre park located in the heart of Ashburn, Virginia, has become a beloved oasis for locals and visitors alike since its grand opening in June 2021. Recognizing the importance of providing ample shaded areas, the visionary minds at Loudoun County made a brilliant decision to adorn the park with an array of Superior Shelters, transforming it into a place of comfort and tranquility. As you enter the park, your eyes are immediately drawn to the magnificent central plaza, where a majestic Gable End Shelter stands tall and proud. This meticulously crafted structure not only offers respite from the sun's scorching rays but also adds a touch of architectural elegance to the park's landscape. Adjacent to the shelter, a custom Message Kiosk stands, inviting visitors to explore the park's various attractions and events.

Venturing further into the park, you'll discover two awe-inspiring Cantilevered Monoslope Shelters gracefully shading the bleachers at the soccer fields. Nearby, two Hip End Shelters beckon you to experience their soothing shade. These innovative shelters provide a cool retreat for spectators, and their sleek design seamlessly blends with the park's aesthetic, creating a harmonious environment that celebrates both nature and modernity. With their Green powder coat frames and Copper Penny roofs gleaming under the gentle sunlight, these shelters effortlessly merge functionality with visual appeal, making them true gems within the park's landscape.

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