Mabry Park

Mabry Park

The story of Mabry Park is a tale that resonates deeply with the Marietta community. This picturesque haven, nestled on a sprawling 26.5-acre historical farm, has become an emblem of resilience and dedication. Steeped in rich history, the Mabry Farm has stood as a testament to resilience and dedication for over a century, earning the esteemed Centennial Farm Award. It is a cherished landmark, honoring the Mabry-Harris family, from whom the land was purchased, and their enduring legacy.

In 2019, the vision of Mabry Park was brought to life through the unwavering efforts of the Friends for Mabry Park organization. With a commitment to fostering togetherness, Mabry Park offers a range of amenities along with five picnic areas adorned with Superior Shelters.

These Superior Shelters are characterized by their striking black and red color scheme, which seamlessly blends with the park's enchanting farm-themed playground. The four 16’ Square Shelters envelop the largest picnic pavilion, forming an inviting sanctuary for families and friends to gather. These shelters provide a comfortable and shaded area for picnics, ensuring that visitors can enjoy their meals in a serene and picturesque setting.

However, the centerpiece of Mabry Park is undoubtedly the magnificent 16’ x 34’ Hip End Shelter. The spacious and airy Hip End Shelter design provides a peaceful oasis for visitors to relax, offering respite from the sun and enhancing the park's charm and functionality.

Mabry Park symbolizes community and connection, bringing families, friends, and individuals together to enjoy the beauty of nature. The meticulous design of the picnic areas and Superior Shelters enhances the park's allure, making it an ideal destination for gatherings and celebrations. The park's rich heritage intertwines the past and present, inspiring memories and stories for generations to come. It stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative efforts and community pride, creating a place where everyone can appreciate the beauty of nature.

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