Hogan Park Golf Course

Hogan Park Golf Course

Hogan Park Golf Course, located in the heart of Midland, Texas, has long been revered as the ultimate haven for golf enthusiasts and a go-to venue for various events.  Whether it's a charity fundraiser, a picturesque wedding ceremony, or any other special occasion, this premier destination caters to the diverse needs of the community. They needed to transform an already exceptional destination into a place that exudes elegance, functionality, and a deep sense of community. Hogan Park Golf Course partnered with Superior Shelter to create a stunning addition that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape while providing a durable and architecturally pleasing structure.

In collaboration with Superior Shelter, a magnificent 40' x 64' Single Tier, Steel Frame Gable End Shelter was meticulously installed. This architectural masterpiece boasts a sleek design and sturdy construction, ensuring not only much-needed shade and protection from the elements but also an elevated aesthetic appeal that enhances the overall ambiance of the outdoor space. Crafted with precision and expert engineering, the shelter's steel frame guarantees unparalleled longevity and resilience, even against the harshest weather conditions.

Its open design flawlessly integrates with the sprawling golf course, offering golfers an opportunity to take a well-deserved break and immerse themselves in the breathtaking panoramic views while remaining connected to the game they cherish. Hogan Park Golf Course, together with its new Steel Frame Gable End Shelter, exceeds expectations, promising an unforgettable experience for both golf aficionados in pursuit of the perfect swing and those seeking an extraordinary event venue that leaves a lasting impression.

With its unrivaled charm and commitment to excellence, Hogan Park Golf Course continues to be a beloved destination for golf enthusiasts and event organizers alike. The addition of the Steel Frame Gable End Shelter not only enhances the functionality and elegance of the space but also deepens the sense of community that thrives within its rich surroundings.

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