Hillside Park Shelter

Hillside Park Shelter

In 2017, the City of Quincy, Florida, proudly unveiled Hillside Park, the first public community park in the area. The addition of these two Square All-Steel Duo-Top Shelters in Hillside Park has truly elevated the overall experience for parkgoers. Before their installation, visitors would often find themselves seeking refuge from the scorching Florida sun under the sparse shade of a few trees scattered throughout the park. However, with the introduction of these magnificent shelters, a new sense of comfort and enjoyment has been brought to Hillside Park.

Now, as families and friends gather at the park, they can easily find solace from the heat under the cool and inviting sheltered areas. Whether it's a leisurely picnic on a sunny afternoon or a joyful celebration of a special occasion, these shelters provide the perfect space for both intimate gatherings and larger group events. With their impressive dimensions of 20' x 20', there is plenty of room for everyone to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories.

The visually upgraded shelters seamlessly blend with the park's color scheme, creating a pleasing environment. The addition of these shelters has enhanced the park's aesthetics and provided a safe and welcoming space for children and the community to come together. Laughter and joy fill the air as residents gather under these structures, reinforcing unity and camaraderie in Quincy, Florida.

The project has revitalized the community and brought new life to the previously abandoned area. The park now symbolizes the city's dedication to its residents, providing a space for connection, relaxation, and lasting memories. The installation of the Square All-Steel Duo-Top Shelters has elevated the park's appeal and functionality, offering a cool and shaded haven for visitors to relax, picnic, and celebrate. This transformation highlights the power of revitalization and its profound impact on the city and its residents.

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