Beal Park

Beal Park

Beal Park, nestled in the heart of Midland, Texas, is a true haven for outdoor enthusiasts. With its array of amenities, including expansive baseball and softball fields, a serene lake, and a dedicated dog park, the park offers something for everyone. The park wanted to create innovative shelter installations, so it could transform into a vibrant hub where visitors can play, relax, and create lasting memories. Recently, Superior Shelter added three new shelters to enhance the park experience for its visitors.

Standing proudly near the picturesque lake is the custom Octagon Duo-Top Shelter gazebo. Its unique design and spacious layout make it an ideal venue for special events, such as weddings, family reunions, or community gatherings. The octagon shape provides a charming and elegant atmosphere, surrounded by the natural beauty of the park. With ample space for seating and a beautiful view of the lake, it's the perfect spot to exchange vows or celebrate special milestones.

In addition to the Octagon Duo-Top Shelter, two single-tier steel Square Shelters have been added to the park. These shelters, with their sturdy roofs and open sides, provide a much-needed respite from the Texas sun. Park-goers can now enjoy a picnic lunch or relax with a book under the cool shade of these structures. One of the Square Shelters has been thoughtfully repurposed as a dedicated dog park shelter, catering to our furry companions and their owners. Complete with benches and picnic tables, it's a convenient and comfortable space for pet owners to socialize while their dogs play and frolic in the nearby dog park.

The new shelters at Beal Park have transformed it into a hub of activity and relaxation. With the variety of amenities and the new shelter installations, Beal Park continues to be the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts and a beloved destination for the community.

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