Aventine West Melbourne

Aventine West Melbourne

Aventine West Melbourne goes above and beyond to provide residents with a truly luxurious living experience. The community partnered with Superior Shelter to create exceptional outdoor spaces that are unparalleled in design and functionality.

One of the highlights of these outdoor spaces is the bark park, a haven for pet owners and their furry friends. Superior Shelter's Puppy Paradise dog park package has been incorporated into the design, offering six dog agility pieces for pets to enjoy. Aventine West Melbourne has also gone the extra mile to ensure that pet owners have everything they need, including pet wash stations conveniently shaded by one of Superior Shelter's 12' x 20' Hip End Shelters. This thoughtful addition allows residents to pamper their pets while enjoying the great outdoors.

In addition to the bark park, Aventine West Melbourne has also created three shaded spaces for residents to relax and unwind. These areas provide the perfect escape from the Florida sun, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about excessive heat or sunburn. Superior Shelter's 12' x 20' Hip End Shelters have been utilized to provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. The complex has opted for a classic white frame with a beige roof, perfectly complementing the sea-inspired colors of the apartment complex.

However, the outdoor amenities don't end there. Aventine West Melbourne has created outdoor picnic areas, complete with Superior Shelter's 12' x 20' Hip End Shelters and site furnishings. These areas provide the ideal setting for residents to gather with friends and family, enjoy a meal, or simply soak up the beautiful surroundings.

The community's partnership with Superior Shelter has resulted in outdoor spaces that not only enhance the overall living experience but also create a sense of community and belonging. Whether you're lounging by the resort-style pool, playing with your furry friend in the bark park, or enjoying a picnic in one of the shaded areas, Aventine West Melbourne truly has it all.

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