Custom Outdoor Gazebo Design

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Customize a Shelter to Fit Your Style and Needs

Most people have a certain idea in mind when they think of a gazebo, but in reality, these structures come in different styles with almost limitless ways to customize them. You can make this type of structure your own to fit different spaces and functions.

SRP Shelter is the company to count on when you want unique gazebos because we love to customize these outdoor structures to fit them to our clients' needs and wants. To find out what you can do for your space, contact one of our representatives in your area.

Custom Gazebo Options for Your Space

We can make these gazebo structures from many different materials to fit your region's weather conditions, your budget and your design style. For instance, you could choose metal or wood, and we can make them into different colors.

You can use these structures to provide shade and weather protection at your home, business or community area. You can customize the cover by choosing a strong material like metal or wood, or a cloth canopy.

You can also choose different sizes, shapes and styles. We offer round, square, oval, rectangular, hexagonal and custom gazebo shapes. Some of our styles include lattice, cupola, garden and pavilion choices. And you don't have to be limited to these styles — just let us know what your idea is and we'll figure out how we can make it happen.

Gazebos Designed for Different Environments

One of our SRP Shelter representatives can help you customize your structure to fit your environment and your purpose. Just tell your rep your design ideas, the type of outdoor space where you plan to put the gazebo and what you plan to use it for.

For example, if your structure will just be for a few people at a time, you can install a small one. If you plan to hold large events within it or to use it as a stage or bandstand, you can choose a much larger version. If you'd like to grow plants along the structure, you can choose a lattice design, but if it will be for events in a park, you might prefer a pavilion version. One of our representatives will be able to help you with these types of customization options.

Contact a Rep to Customize Your Structure

If you are interested in customizing a gazebo for your outdoor space, look no further than SRP Shelter. We are the experts on customization of outdoor structures. Visit the Gazebos page on our website to learn more and contact one of our representatives when you're ready to get started. Find a local representative today or call us with any questions!

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