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A large shelter that protects bleachers of sports fans, a picnic table area, and playground equipment from rain and the sun’s rays. A pergola that creates an impressive and welcoming entrance, as well as shades the car rider line. These are the kinds of steel shade structures you can add to your school grounds to make the outdoor space more decorative and functional.

Whether you represent a preschool, an elementary school, a high school, or a college, we have structures at Superior Shelter that will fit the space and your needs. You’ll be able to extend your school with outdoor spaces you can use, both for students' use and for hosting events.

Take a look at our website and catalog to see how our structures will enhance your school grounds.

Creating Quality School Shelters

When your school grounds have useful structures, teachers will have the flexibility to utilize outdoor classrooms and bring their students outside for classes. The shelters will come in handy for lunchtime, recess, and after-school activities. They provide versatile spaces that give your school options.

Make Guests Welcome at Events

When your school holds an event, whether it’s a fundraiser, a graduation ceremony, or a student club function, an outdoor pavilion will be put to good use. Our industrial gazebos could even be used for school dances and photo opportunities.

Types of Outdoor Structures

We carry a variety of pavilion structures within these three categories:

  • Shelters: Our outdoor shelter products provide shade and cover from inclement weather, as well as a designated space for functions. These large shelters are able to cover tables, play equipment, and open spaces. Choose from a variety of high-quality styles in the size that fits your outdoor area. Pick from a 12-foot-by-12-foot square shelter to a 40-foot-by-40-foot square shelter, with the choice of one or two tiers. We also carry rectangular designs with varying pole configurations and roof styles, and aesthetically pleasing hexagonal and octagonal options. Select tiny structures to cover a bench or bulletin board, or huge ones to cover a crowd.
  • Gazebos: These high-quality gazebos give an eye-catching style to an outdoor space while providing shelter at the same time. Pick from a range of sizes from 14 feet to 50 feet to accommodate the size of your space and the number of people or tables you want the structure to hold. We have a variety of roof styles to fit your design preferences.
  • Pergolas: Pergolas add shade and design to an outdoor space, whether you let the structure’s style shine by itself, or you grow lovely vine plants along it. These structures add beauty to a school and can help designate important areas of the grounds. They create a wonderful effect for graduation ceremonies and other special events. We create custom pergolas in many sizes.

Create a Campus Shelter Design

Get some inspiration from the projects we have completed for other schools, some of which you'll see below. Also, looking through the selection of structures we carry, within our website and catalog, offers some great ideas of what you could do with your school grounds. What’s more, we are able to customize structures to fit your specific purposes and space restrictions.

You get to choose everything about your shelter structure, including the size, roof color, and special features — including handrails and holes for electrical cords. Just let us know what you’re looking for or what you hope to do with your space, and we can transform your vision into a reality.

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Shelter Project Installation Galleries

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